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  • :icontoxicce:
    Donated Sep 27, 2013, 4:21:18 PM



I haven't been on since I got back from Florida and I apologize for my absence. I left softball for reasons I'd rather not discuss, so it's opened a bit of my time only to have that little bit taken and used for finding a pet right for me. The rats never worked out and I think it was because I rushed it, never taking the time to make sure they were right for me. It's been a bit now and I've been looking for a cat that struck my fancy. The first one was Indy. I was harmlessly walking through petsmart with my mother when Indy caught the corner of my eye and I fell for her immediately. I spent some one on one with her and there was a connection so I sent in an app for her, only to be declined because we were going to remove her front claws.


For those of you who read this and feel the need to post link after link and comment after comment about how horrible declawing is, I know. Trust me I know it's not only removing the claw but to the first joint, but we have other pets to take care of. And our cats are strictly in door so it wouldn't have been like she was going outside without them facing other mean cats. So I ask that you respect my family and our reasoning, and keep your remarks to a soft growl.

Back to the story, I called the woman telling her we would definitely use soft claws instead, but she never told the people over looking the app so declined we were. I was upset, but some family friends pointed us to a foster so last week we visited her and I saw Chessie. I sat on the floor and while the other nine kittens hassled the foster for an early feeding or fought over who got to be king/queen of my mothers purse, Chess waddled on over to me, looked from me to my lap several times, and hopped right up, purring louder than I thought possible for such a tiny thing and proceeded to curl up and swat away any sibling that tried to join her. Another connection and another heartbreak, the fosters friend had already claimed her and one of her sisters before hand, so I couldn't put an app in for her. I left, setting up another appointment to visit the youngest four once more to see if maybe with a little growth they would show interest only to have it canceled today. So after three disappointments you can see as to why I went to the shelter where we got a majority of our pets with a heavy heart and little interest.

Into the cat room we went and I walked around a little, holding cat after cat, most only wanting to be held so they could get out of their cage, when this little orange and brown tabby sticks her paw out and hooks a claw on my shirt. I figured what the hell and took her out, holding and petting her and she did what the others did at first and just wanted to look around and paid no attention to me. After petting her a bit I figured it just wasn't for me to have a cat when she finally looks at me, reaches her faces up to give my face a sniff and proceeds to mash her face into my, purring, and kneading my shirt. A little spark of hope filled me as I decided to walk around and talk to her softly, petting and cradling her, where she proceeding to make herself comfortable in my arms and nod off multiple times.

Needless to say I put her back in her cage with a little bit of worry as to the fact other people were there looking and proceeded to the front where I asked about her to find out she was available and I could adopt her then and there. I don't have her yet, she was admitted to the shelter only a week ago and the shelter vet had not seen her yet, so I put a deposit down on her, claiming her. I pick her up Monday afternoon and I can't tell you how happy I am. I had gone back to the cat room one last time before they closed up and held her again and while I pet her a name came to mind, Maple. So Maple will become an official member of my family on Monday, and everything is ready to welcome her home.

Now, on to the matter of Da. I've been here a happy 2 1/2 years, drawing, learning, and making many friends, but I feel my run has ended. I no longer have any urge or need to draw. It makes little to no sense I know, and I'm not leaving because something happened, I'm depressed, this is payback. No. There really is no reason. So I'm going to put my tablet away, and go on with my life. I'll be on here and there to chat, catch up, see what the latest drawing trend is, and maybe even one day sketch something small.

So I want to thank all the friends I made here for putting up with me and laughing at my not so funny jokes, my enemies for getting over the past, and my idols for being fantastic as always. I'm not sad about it and neither should any of you. It's a happy ending :)


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